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Kerala has seen unexpected rainfall since August 8, which has caused the worst flood in history. It claimed more than 300 people and thousands of homeless.

More than 1,200 Kerala People have used Facebook, "Community Assistance" for seeking and requesting assistance, including food, water, transportation, and shelter.

For help, Facebook has donated 250,000$ around 1.75 Cr Rupees for relief operations in Kerala, which has been affected by rain, floods, and landslides, which has caused thousands to be grounded and as a result property has been destroyed.

Facebook will donate money through GOONJ, a non-profit organization in Delhi, which is leading efforts for relief and recovery in the affected areas. A Facebook spokesman said, "In the last few days, with the power of the community, Facebook has helped people to reach other people through the facilities such as live, page creation, community participation, and fundraising."

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