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Facebook is working with NYU School of Medicine to reduce the time spent in MRI scanners. Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) group and the Radiology Department of Medical School are investigating whether artificial intelligence can scan magnetic resonance imaging by 10 times faster.

This kind of development will not only reduce the patient's inconvenience, Scans can last up to one hour from 15 minutes - but MRI can also be free for more patients. "If this effort is successful, then it will make MRI technology available to more people, expand access to this critical diagnostic tool,"

In the fast MRI project, researchers are using 3 million MRI images of brain, liver, and knees from 10,000 cases collected by NYU School of Medicine. All patient identifiers were removed from medical images - and no Facebook data is used from patients.
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AI first learns how MRI is processed in the present, with many body scans that are combined to create images used in the diagnosis. After this, it will be tested to see if AI can get similar results with smart scans capturing fewer data. The researchers said, "It is important to train artificial neural networks to identify the underlying structure of the images to fill the ideas left from the quick scan."

Early conclusions show that AI can generate scans with less data than before, researchers say. If the research should be successful, the conclusion can trim an important development for patients, during the long scan. The report said, "These long scan times can challenge MRI machines to young children, as well as for people lying down is painful.

Research in Artificial Intelligence(AI) is growing on Facebook. AI has helped the network to remove terrorist content from the platform compared to the network experts.

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