Image source: BGR
NewDelhi, India: Recently in India, at fourth annual event of Google for India held in New Delhi, the company has made several important announcements about its Indian operations. The company announced major changes, new features, new updates and more about future products for better India.

First announcement is, Google has rebrand it's Google Tez as Google pay. It has announced partnership with private Banks to provide instant bank loans to Google pay customers. The customers will be able to use this service to get loans from Banks like HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI and more using Google pay.

Google has also announced partnership with Andhra Pradesh FiberNet Ltd to provide high quality internet in 15,000+ villages, towns and cities of the state.

Google has unveiled Navlekha project, a new platform to help indic language publishers get their content online. This platform will allow local publishers( people without website) to post their content online.

Last announcement done by Google is on updates to its Google Assistant to support android smartphone, Google's smart speakers, Google's Home and more. The new update for Google Assistant allows users to interact well with AI-powered assistants in new different languages. Google Assistant will now also use Machine Learning for it's users to easily switch between the use of Hindi and English.

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