image source: Engadget
Japanese Government is making a push to Uber Technologies, Airbus to develop flying cars. Companies are working very hard to bring airborne vehicles in the country over the next decade.

Initially, this programme was joined by 20 companies, including Boeing, ANA Holdings, NEC Corporation, and Japan Airlines. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Ministry of Transportation is planning to prepare a roadmap this year.

Uber will invest 25 million $ in the next five years to develop flying car services. Uber stated that the air taxi business will be in regular service by 2023. Also, California based startups like Kitty Hawk, Mountain View, founded and supported by Google's Larry Page presented an aircraft prototype earlier in June.

image source: Engadget
In addition, other global companies to envision this type of transportation includes Volkswagen, Daimler, and Geely Automobile Holdings.

All the global carmaker companies have started working on the future of flying cars but the Japanese car makers have not yet announced their plans to develop flying cars. 

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