image source: NDTV
Kalashnikov, Concern for Russia is developing the technology of electric supercars, which is expected to become the world's rival in this region, including Tesla, Jaguar, Byton, etc.

According to the company's note, future Electric car's will receive their design usual on-board calculator, which will allow the Engine, Inverter, and Batteries to monitor the situation.

We are developing our own concept electric supercar based on the modern systems generated by the concern, that will allow us to stand with the world's electric car manufacturer's like Tesla, Byton, Jaguar, Lamborghini, etc and to compete with them.

According to Kalashnikov Concern, in the future, the Electric cars will be able to generate much higher speeds on the basis of the cutting-edge technology that will be developed by us. 

Kalashnikov nominal power of CV-1 is 220 KW, maximum power is 500 KW. Cruising range is 350 km. This concern has recently created many electric vehicles for UV-4 and are targeted for the civil market. It's power is up to 50 kilowatts, and maximum speed of this car will be 80 kilometers per hour.

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