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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc are the future technologies. With the advancement in Technology, the number of new startups or future companies are also increasing. From this let's take a look at Machine Learning Startups. This 5 Machine Learning startups will change the future of different fields.

1. Crowd AI

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Crowd AI was founded by Devaki Raj. The company is working on some of the most destructive computer vision problems in the satellite and aerial imagery space. Using Machine learning, computer vision, and human intelligence this startup wants to increase the number of aerial, drones and satellite imagery. All the team members in this startup are from Google, IBM Watson, OpenAI, UC Berkeley and Oxford University and it is supported by the Y-Combinator. For exploration company has increased funding of 2 Million $.

2. DataRobot

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DataRobot is a world-class automated Machine Learning platform which provides services and education that jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise. This company provides a broad base of algorithms and equipment for the development of thousands of open source machine learning algorithms including AI projects and ML projects. To develop and explore the technology company has raised funding of 125 Million $.

3. Deep 6 AI

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Deep 6 AI was founded in 2015. Deep 6 AI finds more patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months, getting life-saving cures to people more quickly. It applies AI and natural language processing to all clinical data to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, accelerating recruitment exponentially and getting cures to the people who need them more quickly. Since 2016, Deep 6 AI has focused exclusively on healthcare, participating in Techstars accelerator, the Healthbox modified-accelerator program, and Stanford’s StartX Accelerator.


image source: is a Silicon Valley open source software company. It provides an open source machine learning platform that simplifies the development of data-driven smart applications. Nowadays apps of are used to find and solve the complex problems faced by customers. Data scientists and developers are using this platform to create, test and scale algorithms with the foundation of applications. This platform was trusted by more than 14,000 organizations. It has raised funding of 8 Million $ to develop this platform. 

5. IronScales

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IronScales was founded by CEO Eyal Benishti in 2014. IronScale is an advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform that combines human and machine intelligence to automate analysis, detection, and removal of malicious emails. An innovative startup that helps customers to protect themselves from criminals so that there sensitive information such as user information and password remains super secure. This startup has increased funding of 8 Million $ to improve and develop their service and technology. 

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