image source: NASA
There is no GPS in the outer space. If Astronauts are lost on the moon, they become very hyper on the way to outer space. NASA and Intel wants to stop it from happening, so they are working on the solution by developing Artificial Intelligence(AI).

The NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) recently concluded its eight-week summer program with an exhibition program organized by Intel. The program includes nine teams which are working on main problems for space travel and outer space colonization. Its aim was to address these specific knowledge gaps using Artificial Intelligence(AI). 

Researchers Andrew Chung, Phillipe Ludwig, Ross Potter, and Benjamin Wu developed a system to simulate the surface of the Moon and to see the difference by comparing the simulation with the local environment. In essence, they teach AI how the moon looks by feeding millions of images and then they will use neural networks to create the virtual moon.

This AI-powered solutions should work for any surface that we are capable of taking images including Mars. It will not have the same effect for localization in the open space, but when flying through space, there is a different challenge.

The Another team sponsored by Intel is working on problems of base building on another planet. NASA is also working on autonomous ground construction, mining, and resource management for the Moon and Martian colonies. And this could not be done without ML. 

Research is currently in the development of the initial phase, but the path ahead is very clear, as Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the future of space travel and external space colonies.

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