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NASA Jim Bridenstine has set his great vision for using water of moon to give power to future space exploration. Bridenstine in an interview said that "We know that there are billions of tonnes of ice water on the surface of the Moon."

Bridenstine talks about creating the next generation lunar exploration from sustainable enterprise by using rockets and other space vehicles which can be used repeatedly.

Bridenstine said that we need jerk's that can be reusable from earth orbit to the Moon orbit. We need to stay there for long time in a space station around the Moon, and we want the lenders to move forward and backward between the space station around the Moon and its surface.

Conclusions published on Monday, for the first time, scientists have confirmed through the direct observation of the presence of water on the Moon's surface. The discovery of the presence of water provides potentially valuable resources for not only drinking but also for rocket fuel and oxygen production to breathe more.

They said "We have lots of models that give us different answers. We do not know how much water is there". Most recently frozen water is concentrated in the shadow of the crater on both the poles, where the temperature is not greater than (-250) degrees Fahrenheit.

In the past few years, the Moon was considered completely dry or almost without moisture, but scientists have been getting more evidence in recent years that the water is present there.

NASA's Trump Administration's $19.9 Billion budget proposal includes $10.5 Billion for human space exploration. The budget supports NASA's new space launch system rockets and  Orion spacecraft designed to carry crews in space. The administration visioned an Orion test flight around the moon without a crew in 2020, after which they will ready for a mission with a team in 2023. 

As a part of the budget proposal, NASA is also planning to create a space station, Moon Orbital Platform, Gateway in the Moon orbit till 2020.

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