New Delhi, India: At a time when India is ready to buy hunter-B drones from the United States, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has asked Indian startups to develop unmanned drones to carry and fire missiles. Speaking during the launch of the Defense India Startup Challenge in Bangalore on Saturday, Sitharaman said that the drones for the forces of the world are increasingly huge assets and the Indian Armed Forces.

The news agency ANI said unmanned drones with missiles on them today are jealous of many countries. I already feel that If you can not control your workforce

In the mind of Make in India, Sitharaman urged Indian startups to take the challenge of developing countries like the country. He also said that his ministry is open to ideas in all matters. We will not declare startup any of the things with which you want to contact us, whether it is bid, tender or motto proposal, all three pathways are open for startup.

India is looking forward to its armed forces with many high-tech unmanned drones and an American proposal shot its armed version of the Guardian drone in the first hand in a year. If things fall, then India can be the first country outside the NATO coalition to sell armed drones by Washington Interaction for hunter drones - mainly used for marine surveillance - is also ongoing for some time.

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