image source: cnbc

Relativity Space is a company that hopes to gather almost all the Spacecraft, Engines and everyone to reduce the cost of its advanced 3D printer to assemble an virtual spacecraft. It was founded by two young engineer's Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone, who had cut their teeth at SpaceX and Blue Origin.

The company announced that Tim Buzza, one of the SpaceX employee's, would become an official advisor in Relativity Space. Tim Ellis, CEO of Relativity space, said that Buzza will give advice on "Launch site selection, deals, structure, Architecture, and Avionics for rockets, and how we will set up the company's structure".

This was not enough for the company establishment in 2015. The company also brought Launch Operations Engineer Chris Newton, Who worked in Virgin Orbit and SpaceX, where he establish the company's launchpad and was also involved in robotic barges where its rocket's landed in the sea. 

Relativity also hired James Harris, a past formal engineer in the alphabet's own driving car company Waymo, who spent eight years in the Blue Origin, leading the test for it's new Shepard Rocket. James of the Blue Origin was an experienced Aerospace Engineer, he had Started his career with Apollo mission.

Relativity space has removed its 3D-Printed Engine more than hundred times, and is currently preparing to start testing second phase of their rocket, Teran-1. The company is planning to launch Teran-1 into orbit till 2020. 

As company has collection of people from global space companies like SpaceX, Virgin Orbit, Blue Origin and more, this company is going to Revolutionize the Space Industry very soon.

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