image source: Stratolaunch

Stratolanch was founded in 2011 by Paul Allen. It starts with the purpose of facilitating space travel to collect data for scientists and to research in technology and science.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is trying to reduce the cost of space travel with an aircraft, which will serve as the launchpad for the rocket carrying satellites and human space planes. Owner of the start-up Stratolaunch, Mr. Allen has unveiled Stratolaunch, which is more than twice the length of Boeing with wings of 117 meters, compared to Boeing 68.5 meters.

The width of the plane is so big that it requires two cockpit's and six jet engine's to bring it into the air. This aircraft has 28 wheels, 2 fuselage, six pratt and Whitney engine's, which give power to 580 ton of aircraft.

image source: The verge

Jean Floyd, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stratolaunch, said yesterday, "Whatever the payload, whatever class is receiving your satellite in space, will soon become easier as the airline flight booking".

Mr. Floyd said, "We are excited to share some detail about the development of our own, owned Stratolaunch launch vehicles for the first time, with whom we offer flexible launch capabilities in comparison to any other's. Top speed of this heavy vehicle is  71 km/h but to give green light we need to reach 222 km/h. Stratolaunch is Confident that they will enter airline regular service till 2020.

According to Mr. Allen, most of the spacefight missions focusing on launching satellites rather than human's or goods in space. Stratolaunch is equipped to do both potentially with launching a shuttle shaped rocket, named Black Ice which runs on reusable system that can also bring people or goods back to earth.

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