Image Source: Tom Warren / The Verge 
The brand new iPhone XS and XS Max will have dual-SIM capabilities, with a Special edition for the Chinese market. There will be a SIM tray of dual sim which holds two physical SIM cards. However, for the users outside China, the new iPhone devices will Support the eSIM. Although eSIM technology has many advantages. Still, this newborn technology has not seen extensively wide adoption yet. 

Only nine countries in the world offer eSIM support till date: India, the UK, the US, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Hungry, Spain. In the US, Sprint and many smaller carriers still don't offer eSIM technology support. Which means that customer will need to switch to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T to enjoy that feature.

In China, Apple's special dual SIM tray will disrupt the requirement of eSIM compatibility, which is very low in China. Currently, both the major carriers like China Telecom and China Mobile have started eSIM support in some cities except Beijing. 

Instead, the new iPhones will have two physical SIM cards, as many Android phones already done in China. this facility will be available immediately, whereas in the rest of the 🌎 (world!). 
Now, users will have to wait for Apple to send out its eSIM technology software update later this fall. 


eSIM card technology will eliminate the need to poke a pin through it's SIM tray to swap the physical small pieces of plastic. instead, eSIM stands for embedded SIM card. It only requires a compatible network or carrier to provide e-SIM support. iPhone XS and XS Max still have a physical nano-SIM card slot for the second SIM support.

While global support for eSIM may be small now, but an increase in eSIM devices may have forced the adoption of the carrier. eSIM support makes it easy for customers to switch companies directly on their phones, maybe very easily!

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