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Tesla owner Oniel Kurup was driving a car safely on the road and suddenly there was a crash between Tesla Model X and plane. During the crash, they made calls to Tesla support for help but there is no proper response and they thought the driver was joking. 

Maybe the Tesla support team is not serious. GM motors executive Bob Lutz may be right. He says Elon Musk doesn't know how to run a car company.

When a small private type plane crashed, Oniel Kurup the Tesla model X owner was in his car with his son. After the crash,  they don't find any immediate help so they handled the situation very perfectly. After some time, they come out of the car safely.

The small airplane looks like a Cessna 206 and it was actually a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) plane. The accident was very horrible but it doesn't create any major issues. The accident happened with 3 agents and 2 car people on Sugar Land, located in Texas. From three agents only one special agent was reported to have some serious injuries.

Image source: Rushlane
A few hours ago, the Oniel Kurup has updated the same on Facebook i.e. "I am getting calls from our family, relatives, etc about our safety".

Kurup said that there are no small injuries like scratches, bleeding, etc on car driver and his son. Nobody believed me especially Tesla support, my wife, etc they are laughing when I told about the crash. The people from Tesla support thought this was a mischievous call.

How the workers at US giant Automotive company Tesla take this situation so much lighter. For a minute, the person thought that his life was ended. 

Image source: Rushlane
Now let us know, Why and How this incident occurs? The major part of this problem occurs due to DEA airplane. There was a mechanical problem occurs while flying the airplane. And due to this problem, the pilot attempted immediate road landing. 

The aircraft contacted with several vehicles on roads, and power lines, but there was no contact with anyone. So the plane becomes unconscious and at last, crashed with Tesla Model X. 

Tesla and DAE needs to fix this problems otherwise it will put humans life in danger. 

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