Image source: ALMA Observatory
Using Chile's Atacama Large Millimeter, Astronomers have made detailed body composition chart of a monster galaxy located 12.4 billion light-years away. The Monster galaxy, called Cosmos Aztec-1, was found to create stars at a speed of 1000 times faster than our Galaxy.

Researchers from Japan's National Astronomical Observatory said that with the ALMA, the distant galaxy was seen with unrivaled resolution.

They found that there are molecular clouds in the galaxy, which are highly volatile, and leads towards escaping star formation

Once it comes to gravitational pressure, the gas cloud falls and produces stars at a faster pace. Then, at the end of the stellar life cycle, stars and supernova explosions explode gases, which increase external pressure. As a result, gravity and pressure reach a balanced position and star formation continues at a moderate pace.

Thus star formation in galaxies is self-regulation. But, in Cosmos Aztec-1 the pressure is weaker than gravity, and it is hard to balance. Therefore, this galaxy shows lucky star formation and researchers explained in the paper published in Nature Journal, a volatile monster has turned into a galaxy.

Researchers do not have a definitive answer for the unstable gas at Cosmos Aztec-1 but the galaxy merger is the possible reason. Galaxy collision may have transported the gas into a small area and exposed the rapid star formation.

Tadaki, a postdoctoral researcher at Japan's National Astronomical Observatory said that "Currently, we do not have any proof of merger in this galaxy. Looking at other similar galaxies with ALMA, we want to reveal the relationship between galaxy mergers and monster galaxies".

In addition, the team estimated that gas will be completely occupied in Cosmos Aztec-1 in future. Monster galaxies are considered as ancestors of huge oval galaxies in today's universe, so these findings have covered the area to understand the formation and development of such galaxies.

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