Image source: Cnet
BMW after developing one of the world's best cars is now taking steps to develop one of the most dangerous forms of transportation motorcycles. 

The company has launched its first self-driving bike R1200 GS to mesh driving assistance technology in its future motorcycles. 

The company stated in an interview that they are working from past two years on this technology and now you can observe our efforts.
Image source: motofichas
The company says that they are still working on new technology to add it into this motorcycles to make it more stable, safer and secure in the riding conditions. 

So many new cars keep moving slowly but surely with the help of automatic emergency braking or lane maintenance, BMW obviously wants to prevent or avoid accidents.

Converting these types of driver support facilities into a motorcycle will definitely be a challenge. You can program a car to shut the brakes with force to avoid the accidents, and the driver will probably come out safely. But if you do this on a motorcycle, the rider will fly from the bike. 
Image source: Cnet
If BMW can find any ways to sort out these bugs then they will think to take out this motorcycles in global markets. Of course, the price may be high but this will be a revolution in motorcycles or two wheeler industries.

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