Image source: ZDNet
BoxWorks in its annual conference on Wednesday has announced that "Box is building its AI capabilities through the box skills framework".

At the beginning of this year, the box skills framework takes Machine Learning capabilities from major cloud service providers such as IBM and Google so that insights from the data stored in the box can be obtained. 

With three specific skills Video Intelligence, Audio Intelligence and Image Intelligence, Box introduced Skills Kit which enables companies and third-party developers to create their own custom skills.

The Box Skills structure now supports custom-trained Artificial Intelligence models. For instance, a company can use Google Cloud Auto Ml to identify custom cloud that recognizes specific brands.

On Wednesday, the box also announced updates to its operations and automation capabilities, enabling users to create simple triggers for recurring tasks.

The company's research and development expenditure at Q2 Fiscal is approx 31 million $ with continuous development and exploration of box skills and other key capabilities.

The company said that in the last 20 years, more changes will be made in enterprise content management. The box will help our customers becomes operative, responsive and agile by bringing powerful automation to cloud content management for intelligence and simplification.

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