Image source: banglanews24
Germany has introduced the world's first hydrogen fuel train, which indicates the beginning of a push to challenge the harmful environment creating diesel trains.

The two trains are built by French TGV maker Alstom. Two bright blue Coradia ilint trains launched on Monday will travel 100 km route between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bermroorde, Buxtehude, and Bremervoerde in northern Germany.

According to the report, Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge said at an event that, "The world's first hydrogen train will enter into daily service very soon and is ready to become a part of future trains." The train will be refueled at Bremervoerde station. 

Alstom said that, by 2021, the company aimed to deliver another 14 zero-emission trains in Lower Saxony State, and other states of Germany.

The Coradia ilint trains can travel the maximum distance of 1000 km on a single hydrogen tank and it is more eco-friendly than diesel trains.

Alstom also said that the technology is eco-friendly, greener and an alternative option for diesel on non-electrified railway lines.

Stefan Schrank, manager of Alstom's project said, "Definitely, buying hydrogen trains is costlier than diesel trains, but it's quite cheaper to run and it's running cost is also low."

Other countries including the UK, Netherland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Canada are also interested in hydrogen trains. In addition to electric trains these countries are also looking forward towards the future of hydrogen trains.

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