Image source: Technobugg
Google has launched a new application Blog Compass. This application will make website management easy for bloggers. The interesting thing about this app is that Google has made this app for both Blogspot blogger platform as well as for the WordPress platform.

Blog Compass is currently under beta version and is not available for all the countries. For now, it is available only for India.

What are the uses of Blog Compass? It can track your site, it will show how much views coming from all the social media, and more. Blog Compass also allows bloggers to monitor different activities such as traffic, comments, and discover relevant content for your Blog.

Image source: Google play store

In addition to website management, this application is also helpful for bloggers to discover new topics to write for better content optimization.

It also offers some handy features for bloggers like you can observe the trending content on your blog, most searched keywords on different topics and more. It also provides tips to make your website more successful, including SEO tips.

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