Image source: iTunes
Google will provide a new update for Google Chrome i.e. Dark Mode. Sadly this update will be first available only for macOS and not for other users. Maybe not everybody, but many Android lovers are fans of dark mode. 

Google's latest content theme overhaul is probably bright white, but some apps have taken dark mode. This two worldwide used application YouTube and Android Messages are the most recent receiver. It looks like Google Chrome will get a dark mode very soon but it will be revealed first only for macOS and then for Android and Windows user. 

Recently a new feature has been added by Apple in macOS 10.14 which enables users to choose the Dark theme or System-wide Light. By changing the system to dark mode all suitable apps will be transformed into the dark color board. Chrome for macOS currently does not support this feature, but it is on the way to come to macOS.

Image source: Xda Developers
Google said that we have still not added this feature in Chrome 70, but it will be available in a new update Chrome 71. The stable version of Chrome 71 will be officially available in the market from 4th December. There is only one obstacle for Google to solve i.e. How the dark mode will differ from an incognito tab?

The dark mode will be very impressive, interesting and cool.  Dark theme is definitely a good feature for macOS. The reason for switching all the apps to dark color mode at night will be very comfortable and health friendly. We hope Google will bring this mode to all the chrome users for different platforms very soon.

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