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Some hackers had destroyed Facebook security and then stole about 50 Million Facebook users data. This will be very big challenges for Mark Zuckerberg to solve all the problem, to answer about this issues against the US government and to build an unbreakable secure network.

Today Facebook has made an announcement that there are bugs and security problem are found in the past few days. A loss of approximately 50 million accounts has been found. It was linked to the vulnerability in the code that affected "View As", a feature that lets people see how their profile looks like to other people.

The assailants exploited that vulnerability, and that explosion allowed them to steal a Facebook access token, which they could use to get people's accounts - 50 million.

The company knew that an access token has been reset for 50 million accounts. This means that if your account was one of those unfortunate people, you will found yourself logged out of the Facebook. Don't replace your password with another because the attackers will never use it.

Facebook is also taking cautious steps to permanently remove access tokens for another 40 million accounts under a "View as". 

Therefore, in total, nearly 90 million people will have to log in again. Later, they will receive a notification at the top of the news feed, which will explain what will be their further steps.

Due to this big issues, Facebook is now closing "View as" for some time. They will conduct a 360 depth security review of this feature. 

The details of this issues and the violence occurred due to this issue has been provided to Law enforcement agencies, and also the vulnerability is now fixed and your accounts are now secured.

At the moment it is not known that 50 million accounts were used or not, still, it is known. It is not known, who is behind the attacks.

Facebook stated that soon there will be more details about this. So for more updates on Facebook news, Stay tuned with us.

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