Image source: Autocar India
India's first Hypercar has been revealed by Vazirani Shul

India is a global production and manufacturing center for automotive vehicles. However, performance aligned cars rarely come out from Indian car makers.

Few years ago, Indian manufacturer DC design has launched Avanti, the first sports car. Now its time to revolutionize the automobile industry. For the first time ever, an Indian car maker Vazirani wants to take one bigger step for better future of Cars.

You are very excited to know about What is Vazirani Shul? What are the unique features included in Vazirani Shul? What will be the price, launch date of this hypercar? How this car will compete with top carmakers including Audi, Mercedes, Tesla, Lamborghini, Porsche and more? So let's check out here.

Image source: Autocar India
Vazirani Shul is under concept stage and was first appearing in the 2018 Goodwood event of Speed. This car is a turbine powered hypercar and is designed by the co-founder of Chunky Vazirani - who has earlier worked with top automotive companies like Jaguar,  Rolls-Royce, Land Rover and more.

The vehicle has been designed and created with input from one of the world's best team Force India Formula and world-famous tire maker - Michelin. This Hypercar is designed extensively in the wind tunnel, which provides a super low drag coefficient to Shul.

Image source: Autocar India
The car itself is well enough good and smooth. It is built throughout light carbon fiber tub chassis. It pulls electricity from a jet turbine engine which will provide fuel to four electric motors.  All the four electric motors are placed near each wheel to provide free torque vectoring.

This unique set-up will provide heavy torque performance without any harm to the speed limit of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle receives a single proportional transmission which connects the turbine jet engine to the electric motor. This is a similar set-up which was seen in Koenigsegg Regera Hypercar. This Jet Turbine will use Regular fuel.

Image source: Autocar India
Although Vazirani is an Indian car maker company located in Mumbai. Vazirani Shul has been in California, USA. The company stated that this model will be expected to be launched in the Indian market as well as globally by 2020-2021. 

Still, the prices are not leaked. Over time, the vehicle's performance, price, and other details are likely to be unveiled by the brand. Till now, everything is under privacy.

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