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Tokyo based Space Startup ispace collaborate with SpaceX to Launch Moon Lander Missions on SpaceX Rockets.
It's very interesting and unbelievable to see the development and advancement in technology. A Japanese company ispace whose purpose is to help humanity discover and explore life on Moon will launch their two moon missions on SpaceX 🚀.

The ispace is Tokyo based space startup whose aim is to make multi-planetary missions to make humans life possible. The representatives of both the companies have declared that. ispace will send moon lander and rovers as a secondary payload on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets in 2020 and 2021.

Takeshi Hakamada, founder and CEO of ispace, in a statement, said that "We share our vision with SpaceX to make human life possible in space. If our mission will be successful then, we are very happy and delighted that SpaceX had joined us in this first step towards our journey to space.

The company representatives said that the 2020 ispace mission will be examined as a success if the lender receives the Moon orbit. In the past of this year, the goal is to deploy the rovers that gradually sink on the surface of the moon and collect data from the craft.
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The company has set a target value for both the missions as 90 Million 💰. For future space exploration, the goal of ispace is to establish a Robotic Moon transportation service and to use its Bantam Rovers to use and assist the resources available on the nearer to the earth such as water ice, electricity and more.

According to the report, the company representatives have said that the continuous effort can help in setting the lifetime human settlement on the Moon in a near future.

Today, the company has also unveiled Impressions of its redesigned Moon Lander and Rover. The company had earlier said that Lander will be able to install 30 kg of weight to the moon. Hakuto was aiming to launch this as a part of the GLXP.

There are so many companies working on this type of missions but this company is working on resources which will fulfill the humans need in the future. The plans of different American space companies including AstroBotic, Moon Express, Virgin Orbit, European Space Agency, and Blue Origin are same as ispace but there is only one major difference i.e. of Vision. 
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SpaceX chairman Gwynne Shotwell said that "We are going towards a new era in space exploration, and SpaceX is proud to be chosen by ispace to launch their moon rovers and satellites. He also said We are expecting to give our innovative spacecraft to the Moon."

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