Image source: giant freakin robot
According to the report, Japan will test Space Elevator's first concept from the International Space Station on 11th September. Below you will find the whole concept, details and more about this mission.

At ISS, Two small CubeSats of dimension 10 cm wide will be connected to 10-meter long steel cable. One end of the cable is connected to satellite and other with CubeSats. On September 11, this two CubeSats will be released from the International Space Station.

When the CubeSats will enter in free space, it will expose the cable of 10 meters. Then a small motorised container (in place of the car) will slide between the two ends of the cable. The cameras attached to each CubeSat will record its activities.

Researchers will observe the behavior of CubeSats like how they move Up and Down, what are the changes occurring while placing CubeSats on cable and more.

Instead of using heavy, volatile, fuel in rockets to send humans and cargo in International Space Station, electric lift capsules can climb on a very strong cable between land and orbit. It will decrease the cost and offers a secure gateway for space.

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