Image source: Techcrunch
Lobe: A Startup that lets you create machine learning designs with the help of very simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop coherence. Microsoft has purchased lobe (a machine Learning Startup) to include this startup as a part of their machine learning and Artificial intelligence family. 

Microsoft is planning to use the lobe, which was launched in beta version recently at the beginning of this year, to make its endeavor to simplify the building AI model in a better and easy way.

The team of Microsoft says, "As part of Microsoft, lobe will be able to take advantage of global infrastructure, global Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, and thousands of years of experience building developer tools." 

Team also says "We are planning to proceed to expand the lobe as a standalone service, to reinforce different AI, ML open source and multiple platforms."

The impressive Machine Learning startup "Lobe" was founded by Mike Matas, who had previously worked on different products of US giant companies like Apple, Facebook and more. 

Mike has worked earlier on the iPhone and iPad. He has also contributed to Facebook's paper, articles and other products. Adam Menges and Markus Beissinger are two other co-founders of Lobe.

In addition to Lobe,, and Github, Microsoft has also Purchased Maluuba in 2017. Maluuba is a technology company located in Canada. The company is working on artificial intelligence, language interpretation and more.

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