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Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 preview for PC today. This Windows 10 update will come with a new look and the company has fixed all the major bugs and issues. 

The setup is from the RS 5 branch, which presents the Windows 10 update, which is planning to be released in October. The company is also issuing the build from the 19 H1 branch.

There are 5 major updates for Windows 10 which Microsoft is going to reveal in October

The next update which will be Windows 10 October 2018 update, will bring Windows 10 to a new version 1809. The company stated that this update will be finally tested in September and it will be available officially for the public in October.

To test the games and to probe all the issues Microsoft collaborated with Tencent to test the games and fixed all the issues, especially anti-cheat services.

Which bugs and issues are fixed? and what are the features available after Updates? Bugs and issues fixed by the Microsoft are

1) Build watermarks in the bottom right corner of the screen are not anymore present after the update. This does not mean that this will be the final creation.
2) The apps which are using .NET 4.7.1 causes some problems in the earlier version are now fixed.
3) In Microsoft Edge, different types of issues occurring in many PDFs are also fixed.
4)When using swipe to navigate back to Microsoft Edge, a problem that causes obstacle has been fixed.
5) After pressing F12 in Microsoft Edge produces few issues on some web pages when extensions are permitted. This problem is also fixed by the company.
6) Fixed a problem which results in the icons on Microsoft Edge error pages not being viewable on limited builds.
7) An underflow is fixed in the Windows Security app, which results in the unpredicted number of threats to be found in the UI.

Microsoft 2018 updates for Windows 10 are very close with new features and more.

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