Image source: NASA
The government space agency NASA is inviting people to present ideas about changing carbon dioxide into glucose for the red planet (Mars), which is more useful for human utilization. The goal is to allow astronauts to go on Mars with fewer materials and ultimately allow humans to survive and grow on this planet.

On Earth, CO2 levels are far more than that, and it is contributing to climate change. Thus, NASA has expected to apply successful methods of converting CO2 into glucose. Such progress can put waste and atmospheric CO2 for good use.

NASA is not the only organization trying to make Mars multi-planetary. Boeing, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other companies are also working on this plans.

There are two stages in this NASA CO2 conversion competition, with a total prize of 1 million $.

In the first stage, which is the concept challenge. All the five finalists will receive 50,000 $ after completion.

NASA said that In the second stage, the selected candidates will have to build and show their solutions. The winner will get an award of 7,50,000 $.

Entries for the CO2 Conversion Challenge are open from 24th Jan 2019.

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