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NASA will build a nuclear reactor to enable all the future Space Exploration Missions. NASA is working on this project for many years and trying to make a nuclear reactor that can be operated there.

The nuclear reactor Kilopower is light in weight and made by both the National Nuclear Security Administration the US Energy Department and NASA. It works by dividing the atoms into its uranium-235 reactor core to produce energy, which is converted into electricity by its high capacity sterling engines. 

Kilopower can produce 10 kilowatts of electricity continuously and the lifespan of this reactor is minimum 10 years. It can produce electricity continuously up to 10 years and the amount of electricity produced is twice the requirement of NASA for MOON mission.

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Jim Reuter NASA's associate administrator for space technology mission directorate said that Safe, effective and large amount of energy will be the key for future space exploration and multi-planetary missions. He believes that this project will be an important part of Mars and Moon power architectures.

Between the interval of November 2017 and March 2018, the technology was successfully revealed as a part of NASA's Kilopower reactor using Stirling Technology practicals.

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