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Pearson has focused widely on Artificial Intelligence and personal education with the hiring of former Intel executive Marinova. Marinova joins the company as senior vice Vice President for Artificial Intelligence(AI) products and solutions.

Already R&D team is working on Artificial Intelligence(AI) at Pearson, but Tim Bozik, the global head of product at Pearson, said that the company will develop and explore Artificial Intelligence(AI) work under the direction of Marinova. Bozik said that we are accelerating our investments and efforts.

Marinova said that "As Artificial Intelligence is used widely in so many industries but currently education is not realizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence". Apart from the development of new AI tools and techniques, Marinova will also serve as a spokeswoman for the role of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in education.

She also said Artificial Intelligence(AI) techniques can help in solving comprehensive problems in education such as short termination and retention rate.

Bozik said, Artificial Intelligence(AI) can restructure the efficiency of grading and can give students a more consistent learning experience. Pearson is currently developing tools that can point out students incorrectly when solving problems. The company is also working on incorporating automated essay scoring and virtual tutors in its platforms. 

Bozik at last, "We have big ambitions".

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