Image source: techjaja
Samsung and Google are working on a messaging system which can provide a better experience. The messaging system that will allow users to transfer large files without any other additional apps.

Collaboration confirms that Android messages and Samsung messages working continuously on this project and it will promote the coverage of Rich Communication Services (RCS), which will be upgraded to SMS messaging system.

The Executive Vice President of Samsung's Mobile Communication Business, Patrick Chomet said in a Samsung Mobile press that 
"By further enhancing our strong partnership with Google, we will bring better messaging experience to our customers, so that they will be able to chat with their friends, family and other people on this platform. It Will be comfortable and very secure to talk on this platform."
Vice President of Communications Products and Photos at Google, Anil Sabharwal told IANS that
"Our partnership will further enhance our vision of a significantly improved message system for Android users, brands and Android ecosystem."
The User Interface of both the apps look like same but they maintain a different design language. Samsung's app, however, comes with a bunch of features that are not included in the Android messages. These include the ability to pin all activities such as messages, quick replies, scheduling and theme. 

But there are two features still missing in Samsung messages which includes gesture message support and the ability to archive messages.

You can download Android messages from play store and can use it on any smartphone but if you want to use Samsung messages it will require only Samsung smartphone otherwise it will not support.

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