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Sol Motors will launch Pocket Rocket Electric Motorcycle very soon ⏳. This pocket rocket electric motorcycle is the world's first 🏍 made with a combination of the new innovative concept of Rocket ➕ Electric Vehicle.

This Pocket Rocket was designed and made by Sol Motors. This motorcycle is innovative because of lightweight design, connectivity, performance and it is created using two concepts in one vehicle i.e. electric and rocket concept. 

It provides an unbelievable modern ride experience. The unique point about this Pocket Rocket is it doesn't have any pedal. The Pocket Rocket is an ideal urban traveler vehicle.

Sol Motor is Stuttgart, a Germany-based company working on a mission to provide better riding experience via Pocket Rocket electric vehicle. 

The Pocket Rocket is a vehicle between low-speed electric motorcycles and high-speed electric motorcycles.

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Son motor is well known for their design of vehicles. In the past few years, Son Motors was awarded two 🏅 including European Product Design Award and the German Design Award.

Pocket Rocket specifications

Son Motors is going to launch two models of rocket pocket electric bike. Both the models will differ from there specification including speed, power, etc.

The two models of son motors are Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket S. From this two, Pocket rocket is the standard model while the Pocket Rocket S is the go-faster model.

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The very interesting thing about the vehicle is its speed because it matters a lot. Depending on the model, the top speed of the standard model is 80 km/h about 50mph and that of the go-faster model is 50 km/h about 31 mph.

However, the high-speed model has a 6 kW (8 HP) motor, and the lower speed model only runs 4 kW (5.4 HP) motor. On the basis of motor specifications, if we compare other electric scooters with this, then obviously this rocket motorcycle will win because most city commuter electric scooters have motors in the range of 1.5 kW to 2.5 kW.

There are three driving modes in both the models which include Wheelie mode, Eco mode, and Sports mode. When the vehicle is in wheelie mode, then there will be maximum power produced in the vehicle which in case increases the speed.

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Breaking system of this vehicle is made with an expert combination of Regenerative braking and hydraulic disc brakes, which provides vehicle the instant power to stop in microseconds.

Large road tires and double suspension should facilitate the ride and provide a better experience of riding. LED light is directly inserted into the main frame tube, which provides a dashing look to the vehicle. 

What is the weight of this bike? It's a lightweight bike whose weight is about 55kg. It will features connectivity with both iOS 📱 as well as Android 📱. Using the iOS app, Android app, you can connect your vehicle with a smartphone to control all the features which will display on your screen.

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Sol motors have already launched this vehicle in Europe and it will be finally coming to all the countries 🌎 very soon. Pocket Rocket Standard model will be priced at 6,000 💰 and Pocket Rocket go-faster model will be priced at 7,500 💲

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