image source: Engadget
SpaceX CEO and multiplanetary visioner, Elon Musk tweeted two photos which give a quick look on the Martian dream of SpaceX.

The first image shows the BFR, the huge SpaceX rocket which will be used for a deep space mission, while the other one shows the BFR called as "Mars base alpha".

As we all know this man has crazy dreams. In 2017, Musk has declared his plan to launch two BFR cargo missions to the red planet by 2022. This will be the arrival of the first Martian who will settle on Red Planet by 2022. SpaceX will start testing of BFR system by the mid of 2019.

Chief Executive officer Elon Musk is running towards everywhere simultaneously. Maybe CEO has fear in his mind that other companies like Blue Origin, Virgin Orbit, ISRO, etc will complete this mission before SpaceX.

The company also wants to use the BFR to build a base on the moon. SpaceX has earlier revealed its Moon Base alpha and Mars City concepts on Instagram in 2017. Both the posts were deleted, but the moon base image showed a different BFR design in comparison to Mars base photos.

Image source: Engadget
SpaceX recently updated the pictures of rockets this year to add bigger wings. We are very curious about this mission because if this mission will be successful then it will be a very big opportunity to become multiplanetary.

Musk said that until 2028 SpaceX will successfully build a base. For more updates on SpaceX, Mission Mars, ElonMusk, etc Stay Updated with us.

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