Former vice chairman of General Motors Bob Lutz comments comes after both the Federal Agency and the American Department of Justice. Both the departments later started separate investigations into Musk's 'going private' comments.

According to the report, the General Motors former vice president of Bob Lutz said that Tesla is moving towards churchyard. Lutz also said that "Tesla's and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a great human overall but He doesn't know how to run a car company."

Lutz also shows how Tesla is going towards destruction. He told it doesn't evaluate that 9,000 employees at Tesla's Model 3 plant produce less than 150,000 cars annually. If the company will work like this then they will not able make any money. Also, the cost of Tesla's Model 3 matters a lot.

Lutz comments come in the middle of 'war of words' encircling Tesla. The American Department of Justice summons the company to provide documents about Elon Musk's comments on taking the company from public to private.

Image source: Autoevolution
Even the Federal government are said to have ''opened criminal investigations" after the comments along with the "civil fraud investigation" by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Lutz said that Tesla will become cashless after few years because the company is going in negative and they are increasing investors to invest, also other companies are stepping towards the Electric vehicle which will make Tesla in danger. So its very tough for Tesla to stay in the market in future.

The other competitive automobile companies like Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and BMW, etc increasing their power in electric vehicle segments. Slowly after 5 to 10 years, this companies will overtake Tesla easily.

Audi's latest electric SUV, E-Tron, is one of the examples. Another example of the revolutionary car i.e. Audi PB 18 E-Tron, it is the second Electric car from Audi which will be launched after a few months. In this car, the driver sheat can move from left to middle and vice versa. You can watch the concept of Audi PB 18 E-Tron on Youtube.

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