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Tesla is on the way of destroying itself because Tesla will lose its another top finance executive Justin Mcanear by 7th October 2018

The Vice President of Worldwide Finance and Operations, Justin Mcanear is different from the electric car manufacturer, said the people, who requested not to print the name because the information can't be made public. Mcanear confirmed that his last day in Tesla would be October 7 as per the report.

No one from Tesla representatives responds to Mcanear. Due to the exit of so many senior officials this year, the company has been facing so many difficulties. In addition to Mcanear, Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton also resigned just before a week, and his previous post holder left that role in March. Susan Repo, who was the Vice President and Corporate Treasurer of Finance in Tesla, also left in that month.

The most previous executive resigned from Tesla is agree with the suspicious behavior of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, who has raised questions about the ability to enroll and maintain his leadership and senior managers. Last month, Musk tweets claimed that they have enough money to take the company privately. But a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are scanned carefully. Also, his announcements about sales targets and manufacturing goals are also investigated.

Tesla's largest shareholder after Elon Musk, Baillie Gifford and company, prepared an SEC investigation as part of the agency's information collection process.

Tesla Shares fell to its lowest level in less than five months in the past week, defeating Morton and Chief People Officer Gabriel Toledano's departure. The reason for shares price drop down also includes the decision of Musk to smoke cannabis on the comedian's podcast. Elon Musk has done so many mistakes which are taking Tesla towards destruction.

Mcanear has joined Tesla in 2015 after leaving Apple Inc, where he was a finance director. He first worked in Johnson and Johnson and also worked as a U.S. Navy aviator.

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