Image source: Tesla motors club

According to Elon Musk, Tesla starts building their own car carriers due to shortage in Tesla Model 3 delivery.

Delivery of Tesla Cars has been increased so much that the company wants to complete the end with power. The company is now facing different problems where they are getting out of the car carrier.

Since this matter is with Tesla, they want to take a forward step towards this. According to Elon Musk, Tesla had decided to come up with a solution in the home i.e. they are building their own car carriers for logistics.

Recently, with the continuous production of about 4,000 model 3 cars per week, Tesla is watching an increase in the distribution volume by factor 3 to 4 in some markets - resulting in logistics becoming an obstacle.

As we all know the lack of railway trucks, cargo carriers, drivers in the industry is common and increasing, but the increase in the incredible volume of Tesla sales, generating more issues.

As we said earlier this week, Tesla has recently unveiled 'Do-Two-Door Service' called 'Tesla Direct' to help in model 3 delivery during the crowded week.

It's not the only extreme solution that Tesla is coming up with more power to get a new rank to achieve high delivery volume.

The automaker hopes to provide so many cars during this week. Elon Musk also requests Tesla owners to help new employees so that all the employees can satisfy the delivery challenge.

All this is happening because Tesla is putting tremendous pressure to gain the record and to power up the company's profit.

Past few weeks ago, Elon Musk said that Tesla is on the way for "the most amazing time in their history" and they are "building and distributing two times more cars than the previous quarter." 

Tesla said that In the last quarter they made 53,339 cars, including 28,578 model 3 cars. For more updates on Tesla, Stay tuned with us.

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