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In the last few months, Tesla is trying to improve security, user experience, and other services. In recent months, Tesla has announced home delivery for Tesla cars but now it's something different. 

It's all about new key fob for all Tesla Model 3 🚗. As we all know Tesla has applied for a new key fob with FCC  but it was not clear that this will be for which models. We just assume it would be for model 3.

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Tesla has revealed a new key fob 🔑 for its Tesla model 3 Cars. The FCC has shared pictures of the new key fob and it is actually for model 3.

In addition to Model S and Model X, Tesla's iPhone and Android apps can be used to start and open the vehicles, but the key fob is usually used as the main device for those cars. It is very important to take care of the key fob because without it you can't enter or unlock 🔓 the vehicle.

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Tesla Model 3 owners have two options to unlock and start the car i.e. using a key or using NFC card to open and unlock Model 3, but this is not ideal.

There are so many employees complaining about the application. While using Tesla's application, sometimes it reckons their phone's Bluetooth connection.

When Tesla registered a new key fob using the BLE frequency with the FCC, we think that Tesla was presenting the device for Model 3. And it is surprising that our assumption is true.
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What's new in Model 3 key fob? Is it useful for all Tesla cars? Let's check out. It almost seems like the Model S and Model X key fob. Tesla has made very minor changes to this Model 3 key fob which includes new features, design and more

Depending on the user manual 📖, it seems that the key fob is being introduced to be offered as the 3rd entry option for Tesla Model 3 owners.

Tesla wrote in the user manual:

"This key fob 🔑 is very  reliable, user-friendly and used for the user who does not want to use the phone nor the NFC card to unlock their car, it has three bottoms that able to unlock frames, doors, and trunks."

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