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Latest updates on Tesla Roadster: If you are a fan of Tesla Roadster which is in space then you may have excitement to know about Roadster locations and more. You may also have different questions like

How much time had Tesla Roadster spent in space? How many miles is Tesla Roadster closer to Mars? How many miles is Tesla Roadster from Earth? It has been more than 7 months since Roadster was sent to space.

If you are thinking that Tesla Roadster is closer to Earth or Mars than it will amaze you that Roadster is now closer to the Red Planet (Mars) than Earth.

Dummy driver Starman with his Roadster is now 124,503,412 miles from Earth and it is now 100,757,371 miles from Mars. We can say Starman is driving Roadster at a good speed. 

But sadly, instead of going closer towards Mars, Roadster is now diverting slowly towards Asteroid belt.

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