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Tesla Software version 9.0 is now available. Let's take a look at what are the changes and new features added by Tesla in Model X, Model S and Model 3.


1. Navigate on Autopilot (Beta)
According to the reports, Tesla said that
Our latest Autopilot facility, designed to help you to get your car at a terminus point by guiding your vehicle on and off the highway. In addition to making intelligent adjustments, Navigate to Autopilot also suggests lane changes to keep you on your path so that you do not get clueless behind slow cars and trucks.

When your car navigates on autopilot is active, a blue line shows the path ahead, which keeps your car in the lane. Gray lines indicate lane changes for a more efficient driving path. Navigating Autopilot will automatically choose one of the best highway interchanges and exit on the basis of your terminus point.

What are the steps to enable navigate on autopilot? You can enable navigating to autopilot by switching to Control> Autopilot and enabling autostart. For every road, navigate on Autopilot is available. You have the option to switch the feature ON by clicking the button which will be in the navigation turn list.

2. Dashcam feature with Autopilot Cameras
According to the reports released by Tesla
Now you can also record and store the video footage taken by the camera of the car. You can store all the footages in USB flash drive. Note that before you use Dashcam, you must manually add a base level folder to flash drive named as Teslacam. You can also refer the videos posted by Tesla on how to use the Dashcam feature and to learn more about this feature.

3. New Blindspot Warning
According to the reports released by Tesla
To improve the safety and increase the power of human mind during lane changing time, the lane line on the instrument palette now turns red when your turn signal is busy and the vehicle or obstacle in your targeted lane is detected.

4. Mobile App Integration
Despite onboard computer, it will be available on all Tesla car models including Model 3, Model X and Model S.

What did Tesla write about this feature on their blog? You can now use your mobile effectively to control and use all the features.
Now you can start navigation in your car using the share button in your any smartphone whether it is iOS or any other. How to use this feature in Apple smartphone. In iOS, you can switch on enable sharing to your vehicle by opening the app you want to share, tap more button in your sharing menu, and slide down till you find your vehicle in the list.

You can also permit your users and passengers to control media quickly and control the cycle through your media favorites. Note: If you don't like this feature then you can remove it by allowing Media Settings> Mobile Control.

5. Atari Games
According to Tesla reports 
Tesla has added new updates which also includes Atari games. "You can now play the Atari game in your Tesla. Tap the Atari logo in your Easter egg tray that can be found by clicking on Tesla" T " to play.

6. User Interface changes 
This is where things are more complex. As we mentioned earlier, one of the massive UI change with version 9.0 is that Tesla is providing Model 3 UI design to Model X and Model S.

It appears same in the case of all model S and Model X vehicles, but there are some different variations on the basis of the car.

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Updates for Model 3

What are the applications available in Model S and Model X and still not available in Model 3 Cars? 

Calendars, Web browsers, and energy applications are now available in Model 3, as they were already in Model S and Model X.

1. Calendar App
The Calendar app permits you to view your phone's calendar for the existing, previous and upcoming days. The calendar is easily connected with phone and navigation so that you can dial in a route to your next meeting by just switching on one tab.

2. Web browser
This time the web browser application will allow you to navigate your desired website by entering the URL in address bar, through the internet. You can easily add them to your favorites using the heart icon so that you can directly come back to your favorite sites easily.

3. Energy App
This feature will allow you to see the energy consumed by vehicles in real time for your model 3. When there is an active navigation route, click on the Trip tab to see the estimated energy consumption for your journey.

4. Application launcher
The app launcher is available at the bottom of your touchscreen. What's new about App Launcher? The new App Launcher combine all your apps and locate it to one place, including your calendar, web browser, energy app, rear view phone, camera,  and charging app. You can also see your recently viewed apps by swiping in an upward direction.

5. Navigation
Navigation guidelines have been now placed at the left side of the screen. It displays information regarding future highway exit and more. If you want to see full details then Tap down to see extra details of the full trip. Extra Navigation settings which include voice command, volume, etc can be easily adjusted by switching the Settings icon on the touchscreen map.

The traffic view has been redesign to overcome the problematic areas. Roads that deal with slow or delay-facing roads will be shown by red and yellow lines.

To improve the capability of navigation and to provide relevant information, you can now choose HOV. Fir that it is necessary to check whether your vehicle is applicable for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes or not. If applicable then after enable, Navigation will route you through the HOV lane. When disabled, Navigation prevents you from guiding through HOV lanes. How to enable HOV lane? To enable HOV lane, click the settings icon on the down corner of the map and enable or disable HOV lane as per your desire.

6. Media
Now you can directly move to a radio station using the direct tune. For example, if you want to listen 93.5 FM, enter "93.5" after selecting FM, so you can directly get to the destination. The DJ commentary button has also been transferred to Media> Settings to listen to music, news about music on different radio stations.

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Updates for Model S and Model X

1. Climate Control
Climate Control has been restructured to be more simple, handy and easier to use. All the controls for the climate have been taken to one place. To access controls for all seat heaters, wiper heater, and steering wheel heaters, switch on seat icon.

2. Navigation
Navigation will provide more details regarding your upcoming highway or local roads exits, turns. The traffic view has been restyled to further highlight problematic areas. Roads experiencing slower speeds or delays will be emphasized with red and yellow outlines.

3. UI Media changes 
Media player provides a simple control for the mini player and more space to see your map. Tesla has made all the changes to make devices user-friendly and simple. 

You can easily browse and discover something new, you can visit recently used apps by sliding up the screen. To hide or show the media player, you have to drag the window up or down, it's very simple. For more Tesla News, Stay tuned with us.

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