Image source: ios hacker
Electric vehicle giant Tesla has just recently launched new compact, lightweight and easy to carry a wireless charger for both iPhones and Android phones. According to the report, Tesla's wireless charger comes with the same construction and design used on powerwalls and the cost of this Wireless charger is $ 65 around Rs 4,600.

Tesla's wireless charger comes with two lump rubber which prevents the smartphone from touching its surface to avoid scratches. It is well suited with the smartphone which has Qi credentials for wireless charging.

The capacity of a charger to store energy is 6,000 mAh battery. There is a power output of 5W for wireless charging and 7.5W for wired charging.

Image source: Notebookcheck
This charger consists of two ports, one is USB Type-C port and USB Type-A port. In addition to this, it also comes with built-in USB Type-C cable for charging of wired smartphone. This charger is available in two different colors white and black.

This Tesla wireless charger is not the first portable charging product from Tesla. Before this launch last year Tesla power bank was launched but due to low specifications, the company has updated their product to make it easily usable, more features, high efficiency, and more.

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