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If you observe top companies working on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, then you have seen a slight increase in number of theoretical physicists to take top positions in the companies like Samsung R&D AI, Fetch AI and more.

Physicists get excellence in ML because computer programs are naturally imaginary. To understand different complex ML methods and their problems, they already have the departure of mathematics and statistical tools where all the types of ML methods and problems are studied.

The remarkable AI scientist Yann Lekun once stated that there is a history of theoretical physicists specifically condensed matter physicists which bring ideas and mathematical methods for different problems of ML, Neural Networks, other SAT problems.

Roger Melko, a professor at Waterloo University said in an interview that algorithms of machine learning have accelerated the inventions and discoveries in physics. 

Melko and Juan Carrasquilla had recently published a paper in which researchers have talked about Neural Networks, which is an updated version of Artificial Intelligence, software used to identify the numbers written by humans.
Image source: wallpapercave
AI ​​and Digital Economics Company, French AI earlier announced the hiring of Marcin Abram as a machine learning scientist. He has completed his PhD in theoretical physics in 2016. Also, another company Samsung AI R&D has hired Dr. Sebastian Seung who completed his study in theoretical physics at Harvard University. He was also a past researcher at Bell Labs and a professor at MIT.

The great scientist John Hopfield has made a very big contribution in AI and ML. In 1982, this person has introduced Hopfield Network 1, an artificial neural network to store and recover memory like a human brain.

This innovative advancement is due to the field of statistical physics and mathematics. A lot of mathematics and physics masters are making careers in this world-changing fields. Physicists are contributing a large value to AI research and ML problems.

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