Image source: Gulf News
The ruler of Dubai said on Monday that the United Arab Emirates has selected its first two astronauts to go on the mission to International Space Station (ISS).

The Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum named the two new Astronauts as Hazza al-Mansouri, 34 and Sultan al-Neyadi, 37. UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed promise to send four UAE Astronauts to the International Space Station before five years.

Yesterday Sheikh Mohammed has tweeted about this announcement on Twitter.
Image source: Twitter
According to Sheikh Mohammed, UAE 20 billion dirhams around 5.4 billion $ has been set as a target amount for this space mission. Oil-rich Gulf nation has also announced plans to become the first Arab country to send unmanned test "Hope" to the orbit of Mars in 2021.

The astronaut program will make the United Arab Emirates one of the only few states in the Middle East to send a human in space. It wants to perform well on the commitment to becoming a global leader in Space Exploration. 

More than 4000 Emirates including Mansouri and Neyadi have applied for this programme, but only this two Emirates Mansouri and Neyadi are selected after very hard six stage study procedure.

In the long run, the United Arab Emirates says it is planning to make a "science city" to make life possible on Mars, and its purpose is to create the first human settlement on the Mars until 2117.

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