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Xiaomi has launched five products on twitter today and officially available soon in the market. 

It's bang-bang. According to tweets, Xiaomi is going to launch five products officially in the market very soon. The five smart devices or products are Mi Band 3, Mi Air Purifier 3, Mi TV, Mi Suitcases and a 360 degree home security camera. The company stated that the products will go on sale before Diwali.

Chinese Tech giant Xiaomi has launched their first smartphone before four years. The company started with only smartphones but now slowly-slowly they are expanding and increasing the products which include Mi watch, Mi earbuds, Mi power bank, Mi TV and more. 

The company is ready to launch five products in India today. Products will not be smartphones-they will be smart-home devices.

Although outside of the Indian market, Xiaomi is known to have a large portfolio of products which ranges from transportation electric vehicle "Ninebot S" to "Roller pen".

Xiaomi India will be excited about the products which will be unveiled on Twitter today.

Still, the specifications, unique features, and prices are not set for this products. This Xiaomi product will hit the Indian market until Diwali.


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Xiaomi's Mi TV's teaser shows a "smart remote" with sound functionality - a signal on leaving the traditional navigation buttons and alphanumeric keypad. It will also have WiFi connectivity feature.

Home security camera

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Xiaomi's home security camera is already launched in the Chinese market and it's quite unique. However, this will be the first time when Xiaomi will present it in India. It has a 360-degree lens with remote connectivity and mobile connectivity using the internet.

Mi Band 3

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Mi Band 3 will have a big curved OLED display with different features including a heart rate sensor, touchscreen, and NFC connectivity. The price for Mi band 3 will be 1,999 Rs. From all the five products, Today Xiaomi has officially launched Mi band 3 in India 

Mi Air Purifier

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Mi Air purifier will have a more clean air distribution rate (CADR) than the current model. It will purify the air indoors faster than previous one. It will also claim mobile connectivity like its existing model.

Mi Suitcase

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The fifth product from Xiaomi is something unexpected i.e. Mi Suitcase. However, there is not much "SMART" about Mi suitcases. The global version of the suitcase comes with 64L capacity and is 24 inches tall. The suitcase is coated by Makrolon polycarbonate which will protect the material from the environment and harmful effects. It will also provide protection from superior shock and fall resistance.

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