Apple has recently released an iOS 12.0.1 software update to fix the charging issues in many iPhones including iPhone XS Max and other.

In addition to this, the update has also solved other problems like not displaying subtitles in video apps, making Bluetooth unavailable, and more. After iOS 12.0.1 update, the users are still complaining about the new issues occurring in their iPhones.

The users are repeatedly complaining about new issues related to frequently ended calls, networks, signal connectivity problems, and battery lifespan.

"After the upgrades, the owners of both new and old iPhones have same issues that they are either unable to make calls or receive calls. Other problems like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and battery issues are also coming out again on the iOS generation, Which Apple will fix in a very short time.


Since Apple has rolled out iOS 12, the company has addressed users about their complaints related to iMessage app is supplying personal messages to wrong people.

Apple in a statement said that By fault iMessage is sending messages to the wrong people and this is happening because Apple is now organizing all the contacts by Apple ID, so if your friends or family members share an ID now, all the messages will be delivered to each person who has that ID.

It is still unclear what will be the next step of Apple. For more updates on Apple, Stay tuned with us.

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