Apple iPhone XS Max charging issue
Apple iPhone XS Max | Image source: Tmonews

Apple has officially launched iOS 12.0.1, which resolves one of the problems reported by users. This solves the problem when charger cable connects to the iPhone XS, sometimes charging does not start until the display is switched ON.

In addition to this, the updates will also fix some other issues, including Wi-Fi issues, where the iPhone XS will be seemingly connected to 2.4 GHz in place of the 5GHz band when rejoining.

In this update, the position of different symbols and numbers including 1,2,3,?,. has also been switched back for iPad. This iOS 12 updates also changed the status of emojis, language keys, which harassed so many users and this update return it.

Apple  iOS 12.0.1 update for iPhone XS Max
Apple iOS 12.0.1 Update | Image source: gsmarena

In addition, the subtitles not shown in some video apps and Bluetooth unavailability issues are also fixed.

The update is approximately 105 MB and is now available for download on all compatible devices. So go to setting and check out whether your device is eligible for this update or not. If eligible, then enjoy it. For more updates on Apple, Stay Tuned with us.

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