Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter
Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter | Image source:
Bird, one of the biggest dockless scooter company in the United States, today revealed its new electric scooter "Bird Zero". 

It is a custom designed electric scooter. This scooter was made to stop the use of Xiaomi's scooter in their company as well in their country. What's new about Bird Zero

So Let's check out everything about Bird Zero.
Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooters
Bird Zero Electric Scooters | Image source:
So far, they have used the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter in particular, which is manufactured by Ninebot. There are two competitors against this Bird scooters i.e. Xiaomi and Lyme. 

To stop the heavy cost of the scooter, the company has started making a scooter. The Bird Zero is good in design, user-friendly and better than Xiaomi M365.
Front Design of Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter
Bird Zero Scooter front Design | Image source:
The company has not made it as a commercial vehicle. Despite some small changes, such as to remove the folding mechanism and add GPS tracking unit, the bird was necessarily using consumer level electric scooters for daily purpose.

The Bird Zero electric Scooters are designed to be able to stop the overuse and heavy use of daily vehicles. The company wants to fulfill all the necessary things in a vehicle including eco-friendly, user-friendly, lightweight, and more. 

According to the company
"Spinning across markets throughout America during the coming weeks, Bird Zero is designed to fulfill the demands of Ride Share 2.0, by providing riders longer battery life for long distances, better lighting for increasing visibility, increased permanence for long life."

Bird Zero has 60% more battery capacity than the Xiaomi's M365 scooters. Also, its speed is quite better. The speed of Bird Zero will be 15 mph (25 km / h), which will be very high compared to Xiaomi's M365.
Solid Tyres of Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter
Bird Zero Solid Tyres | Image source:
Instead of air-filled tires, the bird zero has solid tires, and the company has also taken care for a longer wheelbase with a lower center of gravity to provide a very durable, smooth riding platform.

The past bird scooters don’t have a battery indicator or speedometer, which was a feature added by Lyme, in their scooters. However, this new Bird Zero electric scooter will provide both features.
Speedometer of Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter
Bird Zero Scooter Speedometer | Image source:

According to Travis Vander Zanden, the CEO, and founder of the company Bird

The most irritating thing about using a dockless electric scooter is riding on a place like a restaurant, shop, friends house, tuitions, etc, then when you are inside your scooter will be easily stolen. For that, you need some strong security system inside or outside scooter.

To solve this problem, they have made a very impressive solution that is the company will provide scooter on rent.
Tyres Design of Bird Zero Dockless Electric Scooter
Bird Zero Solid Tyres | Image source:
Bird has revealed its full day rental service called Bird Delivery. This service will provide Bird Zero Scooters to the users by 8 o'clock. Scooters are for use for the whole day, and no other bird user can rent that scooter. But maybe it will not work for permanently.

The company is still working on a deathless solution for permanent scooter buyers. Still, the prices of this scooter are not revealed. Soon you will get updates and full details on this Bird Zero.

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