Jeff Bezos Blue Origin successfully deal with ULA
Blue Origin deal successfully done with ULA | Image source: quartz
As you all are aware of top Space Exploration companies which include NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Orbit, etc Blue Origin is also included in that top 10 Space Companies.

Blue Origin is the well known for its rocket programs, but it has just made a deal which can give it a priority name in the Space exploration industry. 

In one of their mission, United Launch Alliance (ULA) has chosen Blue Origin's BE-4 engines, to give more strength to the next generation Vulcan Centaur Rocket, which will be ready for spaceflight in the mid of 2020. 

The organization of Jeff Bezos will not be the only rocket seller, but the company has importantly defeated Aerojet Rocket dyne - an unconsciousness in the industry that tried to force ULA to completely avoid Blue Origin technology.

Ars Technica noted that the Aerojet has controlled its lobbying effect, in which two politicians are telling the American Air Force that it should not provide more funds to the ULA till the approval for the engine contractors is handed over.

 Blue Origin BE-4 Rocket engine successful deal with ULA
Blue Origin Rocket | Image source: Engadget
Different competitors have tried so much to cancel deal between Blue Origin and ULA. Blue Origin's methane-powered engines were "uncertified", they claimed. Even so, Bezos's firmness was paid.

Still, the company is continuously working with gradual development, while the Aerojet mount back and stopped funding, its own option in the possibility of the sale of Blue Origin.

This doesn't make a decision that Blue Origin will be a regular rocket supplier. However, this reflects the aggressive competition in the rocketry in the past few decades. 

When the war of deal is going between this companies, the Aerojet has assumed that it will win major rocket deals. but it is not as per their assumption. Jeff Bezos win the battle of a deal because of their work.

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