BrahMos Aerospace Engineer arrested for leaking information to American Intelligence Agencies and ISI
BrahMos Missile | Image source: tribune

Nishant Agarwal an engineer working at the BrahMos Missile Research Center in Nagpur was arrested on Monday for allegations of espionage for ISI and other countries including Pakistan. Police said that arrested Nishant Agarwal is suspected to be leaking information about India's BrahMos missile.

The 28-year-old Agarwal was arrested on Monday in Ujjal Nagar in a joint operation of the Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). His house and BrahMos Aerospace office were discovered in Dongargaon, 40 km south of Nagpur.

Agarwal is a senior system engineer in creating BrahMos missile. This missile was made by a combined venture between the DRDO and Russia's Military Industrial Consortium, which works on the world's fastest supersonic cruise missile, and it can be launched from underwater, sea, air, and land.

In 2017, the Joint venture has tested some advanced versions of the weapon system.

His landlord Manohar Kale said, "We had never imagined that Agarwal would be linked to espionage."
Kale said that Agarwal's wife was from Bhopal and the couple had married four months earlier.

According to the report, Nishant Agarwal was arrested on the basis of information given by a member of the Hizbul Mujahideen group. This group was included in this mission and was arrested a few days ago by Uttar Pradesh ATS in Kanpur.

One of the group members has said that they are working for ISI and American Intelligence Agencies for passing the details about BrahMos missile.

Basant Pandey, Regional Defense Public Relations Officer,  said in a statement that Agarwal was not a straightforward employee of DRDO but he is working with BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited.

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