Facebook Lite download available for Apple iPhones, iPad and Mac
Facebook Lite for iOS | Image source: primetime
Facebook Lite is there for Android from 2015, however, for a long time, it was only accessible from the developing markets. Now it's time to explore it to other countries, to other operating system and to other Smartphones.

This year it has finally exposed Facebook Lite to the United States, the United Kingdom, and other developed markets. In addition to this, the company has just now revealed Facebook Lite for iOS too.

The app is currently only installable if you have an iOS device which is located in Turkey. So what happened at the slow rollout Android - mirroring markets.

Facebook Lite for Apple iOS
Facebook Lite for Apple devices | Image source: google
However, if you are in the US and tired of the fierce agony that Facebook app has become for iOS, then you are unlucky now. But in the near future, Facebook Lite options will be easily available in the whole world.

The Facebook Lite is 10 to 15 times much smaller in size than its non-Lite version. Facebook Lite will store only 5 MB and it uses less power and very few data.

That final aspect is specifically more important in developing markets where unlimited (or even inexpensive) data plans are not prevalent, so the rollout that starts in such countries is a little different.

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