Google News Application
Google News App|Image source: google
Recently, getting news distributed to the public for many online services has become a focal point. Newspapers have been complaining for years that their revenue has been decreased and they are transforming to different online platforms. However, some are still criticizing because many people are hoping to read news for free.

Google is trying to help to reduce this problem by offering digital and print subscriptions, but we have to wait and watch how it works for major as well as minor publications.

Google News App Dark theme on a smartphone
Google News Dark Theme | Image source: xda developer
The Google News app was updated a few months ago with a focus on machine learning and we just now found that many users are now seeing the dark mode toggles in the settings option.

Recent Google News updates have mainly concentrated on user experience, user control, news publishers and more. Furthermore, the company has provided small updates with various features like data savings toggle to help the people who have very less monthly data to start.

Google News App Dark Theme
Google News Dark Theme | Image source: XDA developers
The market has become so crucial that other companies are also following the same pattern as Google. Microsoft has also changed its news application again. With the framework, Google has started adding some new user experience features to its Google News app that makes it more delightful to use.

Did you notice that Google is adding Dark mode in all its product? Till date, the company has added this feature in YouTube, Chrome Browser, Google News and more. The new Dark Theme feature is available in version 5.5 of the app.

Google News App Version 5.5 Update with a Dark Theme
Google News Dark Theme | Image source: XDA developers 
Slowly-Slowly Google is adding this feature in all its products so that you can also use it in the night. It will be extremely helpful for your eyes to read the news at night. 

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