Google has found a bug in Google Plus code
U.S. Search Giant Google | Image source: MIT Tech Review

According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, Google has found a bug in the Google+ code in March and immediately the company has found the solution and fixed the problem. 

An internal Google memorandum quoted by the newspaper revealed that Executives were concerned about the destruction the news will do to Google's reputation. 

The same incident earlier happened with Facebook. The companies reputation was under danger for eradicating user data in the Cambridge Analytica Fair.

That quarrel had raised questions about the privacy practices of other giant technology companies including Google. So a bunch of company officials decided that the firm should remain silent about the blame. The decision of all the officials was reportedly informed to Google CEO Sunder Pichai.

What was the bug in Google+? It was since 2015 and the bug was found in code that permits third-party app developers to stole and use the publicly available Google+ profile data about users and their followers.

Google has found a bug in Google + code that has leaked half a million users data
Google Plus | Image source: google

Disturbances mean that the developers can also access personal information about people's friends, including things like birth date, profile photo, email address, occupation, phone number, and relationship status.

After reading the article, Google in a blog post said that it has not received any evidence data about the user data leaked, and that would stop user access on Google+.

However, it is possible that the data was misused and Google does not yet know about it. According to the company, 438 applications able to access personal profile data due to software bugs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google conducted an internal test and found that 49,76,951 users had undermined their data.

Cover-up will encourage efforts to get tough laws to force companies to reveal real and potential data leaks by privacy workers. Since Google discovered the blame in March, it was not a subject to the new data protection mechanism of Europe, which officially came into conclusion in May.

A final statement is revealed that the companies need to inform users about potential data violations within 72 hours of exposing them.

There is no federal data violation law in the US so far, and it is still not clear whether Google has the responsibility of disclosing a bug under any state.

California has recently passed a strong new privacy law with almost the same requirements for the structure of Europe, and there was a big push to pass this law from federal legislation. 

Along with recent violations of Facebook, this latest data scam will increase the pressure on American politicians to crack down on cover-ups. For more updates on Google, Stay tuned with us.

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