google will domains on godaddy
Google will Domain | Image source: techspot

Google has been exploring its portfolio of web domains after starting with .app. It's time for another launch. Now, Google will also offer .page domains and company have just started the initial access period. The domain registration will be officially open for people and businesses from 9th October.

Through the partners like, and other companies, .page domains can be purchased with hosting. Initially the Prices will be high but as the time passes it will go down.

The initial cost for .page domain will be $ 10.99 at while has not yet released the price tag for viewers. You can pre order domains now.

The initial reach period is literally the 2nd step in getting a .page domain. It will allow trademark owners to register their domain with a listing in the Trademark Clearing house.

Certain domains are already registered after Google co-founders name i.e. and other domains including,, and However, other important domains are not yet registered including,,,,,,,, and more.

So what are you waiting for. It's opportunity to choose .page domain as per your desire. If you want to purchase so many .page domains then make a domain name list, visit either from or, search your domain name, buy it and build whatever you want to.

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